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PIXMA MG2522 printer drivers won't load

Came with a CD I dont have a CD drive.   Been attempting to download for 2 days from various sites primarily CANON's.  I get to the end every time and get this message: CAN'T CREATE OUTPUT FILE: C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\win-mg2500-1_1-ucd\MSETU...

Resolved! Unable to clear error code 2110 on TS8120

Underlined text below indicates text that is displayed on the operation screen Italicized text is the action that I take. Doing a COPY from the operation screen of the TS8120 printer, I get Support code 2110, "The size of the paper loaded in the cass...

Ink Cartridges

My Canon iP7250 has finally given up the ghost. They no longer appear to be sold in the UK so I've bought a Canon MG5750. Does anybody know if the ink cartridges are compatible? I have quite a few iP7250 cartridges and if I could use them it will sav...

Pixma TR8520 Error Code 6004

Hello, I purchased my Pixma TR8520 in November, 2018.  Its been barely used, just every so often.  I tried to print something recently and in the middle of the print job it gave me an error code of 6004. I followed the on-screen and manual instructio...

MG2540S Error 1403

I did not open the printer, did not touch anything but I have an error (blink 5 times) I just bought it last March 2021. Canon support did not provide any help. Can anyone help me? Should I buy a new one? 

MX922 Not Printing Color

Good evening.  It appears I'm totally frustrated with this printer.  It started with the Cyan not printing properly and after changing cartridges and doing a clean and deep clean, it didn't help.  I used a purchased print head cleaning kit and follow...

Dawarczy by Contributor
  • 5 replies

MX922 B200 error

My Canon MX922 printer is bricked with a B200 error. I just purchased a new set of ink from Costco and the printer worked shortly then bricked on the B200 print head error. I have watched the videos on Youtube and no sucess with the tips. The previou...

joeb by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Desperate for Advice - Pixma MG3600 Issue

Hello,I posted the message below about five days ago.  I am still trying to understand why my printer will not print.  It was printing fine but needed color ink.  When I installed the new Canon cartridge it gave me the error messeage and won't print ...

AUKayWS by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

PIXMA TS9120 Availability

Is the Pixma TS9120 still being manufactured??  Almost all sellers say ''Out of stock'', and the very few sellers who have this item are asking super-high prices.  Thanks.

hocojim by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Pixma MX922 Printhead Stuck on Left Side

I followed instructions at to install a new printhead.After power on, it got stuck on the left side and error 5100 was displayed.I can pull it about an inch toward the right but it won'...

Mr_D1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Can't register my new TS5020 printer..

This is the second Pixma TS 5020 printer where I can't register the unit through Canon's Web site. I get the same error message as I did trying to register the first TS 5020. Somebody that is from Canon, that is on this forum, MUST have a reason they...

Blackink by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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