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Canon g3200 error 5b00

I moved my printer which is a Canon G3200 Megatank printer and now it is giving me error message 5b00 and I tried looking online for help and just get info saying it needs to get fixed by Canon but umm the Canon here is closed due to being non essent...

Resolved! MX922 - Power Black Out / No Power

I have 3 (three) MX 922. I love them and they were given to me or I bought them. I went to start them and in the span of a week, each one 'blinked out'. They don't turn on as though there is no power. Wall socket OK. Wire and Plug are OK. It is as if...

Canon Ts5350a will not print properly

I bent over backwards trying to get the printer to print. I cleaned, deep cleaned, tested and bought new ink cartridges. It still prints very faded/washed out from any picture I choose on pc (black and white is fine). From my phone the color is perfe...

16641235595627093026313279843943.jpg 16641236121975108978977658842992.jpg
IsaRat88 by Apprentice
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MP 490 only printing green/blue no black

Hello.  When I hit black copies all I get is green or blue.   I have tried nozzle check, alignment and cleaning the cartridge receptacles.and changing the black cartridge and it still prints green or blue.   What can be done?

Lauren88 by Apprentice
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Pixma iX6820: How to print custom sizes?

Please Advise. When trying to print a custom size paper I cannot select a custom size from the print dialogue box. How do I print a custom size? Desired size is 2.5 x 3.58 in. This is beyond frustrating.Reinstalled drivers today trying to resolve wit...

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PIXMA TS6251 prints B&W only, no colors

I've exactly the same problem with Pixma TS6251 where it sounds like the printer has became B&W only, no colors anymore.I tried reseating print head, cleaned nozzle more than once via maintenance way. Sounds like a SW problem as the PGBK pri...

lupoabe by Apprentice
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PIXMA TR4722 Faxing Knocked Out My Phone Service

Never have I been so disappointed in a product and its customer service.  I bought this printer 8/4 and tried to use the fax feature Tuesday.  It did not go well and has knocked out my phone service.  I have tried multiple customer service numbers an...

Resolved! PIXMA MG5721 - How to Set Up Non-Wireless Connection

When looking at the screen on my printer, in the upper right corner is a symbol indicating my connection to my router.I tried to check out my options to connect my printer to my computer.  The 3 available connection symbols are displayed in the upper...

Jerry3 by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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