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MX922 Printer with B200 error code.


My 8 year old Mx922 which hadn't been used for some time could not clear the blocked jets on the print head with the maintenance option so I decided to get the print head out and cleaned up with cleaning fluid and a hypodermic syringe. Luckily a you tube video showed my how to remove it as its a bit tricky and I squirted cleaning fluid through the 5 entry entry points (where the cartridges fit). Once cleaned I replaced the print head and fitted new ink jet cartridges. On power on I got the B2000 error code that many others have reported issues with.

I ran through many of the 'cures' to fix it from cleaning the print head contacts and the printers pins that push against the head, I tried powering off and unplugging many times and re-seating the new ink cartridges and trying different power on cycles but none fixed it. Finally I noticed two pins on the cartridge had ink on them and cleaned them up. Still no joy despite repeating some of the 'tricks' suggested but to no avail. Finally I gave up to watch a movie and have a meal and when I tried one more time afterwards It carried out a nozzle cleaning without any error and then printed a page OK.  Go figure, I can't say exactly what I did to fix it but hopefully it will remain working..

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