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EOS utility 3 not working for me

I couple days ago i was about to down load a batch of photos while in EOS util 3 , and i got a message. sawing a new version was available. So i opted to download the new version.Now it will not even load properly the farthest i get is a greyed out l...

brianajo by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Help with PSE 2021

I had posted this a while back and couldn't find it. I searched and came up with zero. Trying again so bear with me. I have looked in my PSE 2021 For Dummies and can't find anything on how to cut and paste a photo. I like to take bird photos in my ba...

EOS Webcam Utility

Hi, I have seen many posts about using more than one camera with the EOS webcam utility to stream different views. It sounds like there is a need. Is there any plan to add this functionality in the future? I would really like to be able to do this. 

kristinh by Contributor
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Resolved! Multiple EOS Utility Programs at once?

Hi everyone, I have a really quick question.  I have a project where I have 4 Rebel T3I's connected to a machine and want to know if there is a way to launch an individual EOS Utility application for each one.  When I first launch the utility, it ask...

Resolved! OBS and EOS Webcam Utility (Red 'X' with connection cable)

So running Windows 10 (64bit)... and OBS Studio 26.1.1.  I have a Canon EOS Rebel T6.  I've dowloaded the Utility as directed for my laptop, installed as directed, etc.  Opened up OBS and get the "EOS Webcam Utility (Red 'X' with connection cable)" o...

EOS Webcam Utility not working on Laptop

Hi, on my laptop I installed the Webcam Utility 1.0 as well as EOS Utility 3.0 and OBS, ZOOM and Google Meet to be used with a Canon EOS M50 camera, plugged in with usb cable.But in no software I get the Canon M50 to be selected. I only see a USB cam...

Dieter by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

eos utility

I own a EOS 5D and cannot find original cd with eso utility to download photos.I tried to download the soft but cannot find one compatible with mi old model.Does anybody know how I can download the soft compatible with the eos 5d original.Thanks in a...

EOS Webcam Utility wont Install Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1

Hello:Am trying to install EOS Webcam Utility 3.15.0 on my new Mac Studio M1Max computer. When I open the disk image there is the icon for the installer for eum3.15.0-installer which I double click. It extracts some files but seems to quit about 1/4 ...

Is EOS Utility junk for you too? Hopeful for a fix.

I have had my camera for a few months and have loved it so far. The EOS utility seems to consistently fight me. Numerous times the utility has decided it didn't recognize my camera. This was normally rectified with a restart of the computer, camera, ...

enajin by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Digital Photo Profession Group

Hello ... I signed up for the Canon Community, specifically for a group that is for discussing Digital Photo Professional.  Can I get some guidance on what that group name is ?

pizellie by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Canon connect app downsize photos

For various reasons when we shoot with the Canon SX620 HS we set the picture quality to small.  When we connect to our iphones using the canon connect app and shoot, it is taking the photos on the memory card at the same size as the iphone.  Approx 4...

Is there a Webcam Utility Kit for Canon G10 ?

Is there a Webcam Utility Kit for Canon G10 ?that's it..just trying to do Facebook live & prefer to use my mounted camera setup than my cell phone for this purposeany answers are greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for any help 

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