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EOS Utility won't allow folder destination change


I have a M50 Mark ii, and it is connected via Bluetooth/wireless to the EOS Utility. The utility will only allow me to save the images directly to the desktop, where it creates a new folder. It will not allow me to have them go directly to any folder on the desktop that I make. Ultimately I want them to go straight to dropbox, but I get the error there as well.



Have a look at Step #4

Canon : Product Manual : EOS Utility : Transferring Images to a Computer (

For Dropbox, as long as the client is installed, you can save to a folder locally which will then get transferred to the cloud.

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Hello, and thank you. This issue happens when I am using the EOS for remote shooting rather than just moving images form the camera to the mac. 


With the camera connected to EOS Utility 3, click on Preferences at the bottom of the opening window. Click on Destination Folder tab at the top of the window. There you can browse to your desired folder for storing images.

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