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VR Utility not supporting AMD video cards ???


Hi, I bought a new super powerful PC with a Radeon 7900XTX video card, and I was super surprised when I opened VR Utility to learn that this video card is not supported. Can you please fix this in the next update? 



We are just a community, while the mods might pass up something like this, the official way is on the bottom of the canon usa site in little teeny letters:




The application software download pages used to tell you what the hardware and software prerequisites were for given software apps.  After a recent web site redesign, this information seems to no longer be available.  The reason could be tied to the fact that Microsoft no longer supports the older Operating Systems.

I bring this up because many of the apps would say “Intel chipset recommended” or “NVidia Graphics Card is recommended.”  

At one time, there were a host of issues associated with the AMD motherboards and their USB ports.  They seemed to have hardware issues related to proper grounding.  

However, the latest set of AMD boards seem to have “fixed” the hardware issues.  And, I do mean the latest board designs, not just faster CPUs installed into the same old motherboards.  Because the problems were related to the USB ports on the motherboard itself.

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I think you might be out of luck running Radeon.  I think I found the minimum hardware requirements to run the VR Utility software. 

It is as I described just above.  Intel chipset and NVidia graphics cards are supported.  This link also happens to be the download screen for the User Manual and Application.

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Yeah it is weird, there are much more AMD users than there are MAC users

@Plushies_TV wrote:

Yeah it is weird, there are much more AMD users than there are MAC users

I do not know if there are [more] users of PCs or Macs.   I do know that Intel chipsets are what is most commonly used on PCs running MS Windows.

The AMD chipsets cannot be “100% work alike” hardware.  They would be liable to copyright infringement lawsuits, if they were.

"The right mouse button is your friend."