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Canon EOS Webcam Utility - Windows 11 Not Working

I am currently at a loss for what could be the issue with my EOS Webcam Utility on my Windows 11 PC.  Here is some context on my setup and what the issue is.Running latest version of the EOS Webcam Utility for Windows 11 (1.2)Using an EOS R5 with the...

Software to transfer images from PowerShot G11 to PC

Hi,My question is quite simple.For many years I was using Canon s/w to transfer photos from camera to PC. My hard drive recently crashed and I need to reinstall  this s/w.But I do not remember  its name! I browsed Canon websites but could not find it...

Mike999 by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Resolved! DPP 4 Red vs Black AF Squares

When I use cannons d pp4 and I checked the autofocus squares sometimes some are red other times with the same auto focus setting they're all black can anybody explain that to me. I have a 77D 45 squares.

EOS Webcam and Cables

I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I have bought two different cables (USB A to USB C) for my EOS R that I assumed would have enough data transfer capabilities to work for this. I can't get anything to work. I have on short 6 inch cable tha...

EOS Utility for EOS R7 with MacOS Monterery 12.6

I downloaded the EOS Utility software for MacOS.  I could not specifically find the OS Monterery 12.6, just Monterery 12.  When I double-click on the EU3.16 Installer it extracts files, but then nothing.  There are no files and no installation page. ...

DPP4 Layout Changed

I need some help. I recently uploaded some photos in and noticed my DPP 4 view had changed. I am missing the files panel normally seen on the left. All I see now are thumbnails in the mid-section. I don't see small side arrow and software is at the c...

bja5150 by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Why does DPP4 crop my images when opening them?

When I open a CR3 image in DPP4 version, the image appears to have been cropped, that is ~5% of the top, bottom, LHS & RHS is missing with no way to retrieve it. Do I have an incorrect setting or have others had this problem?

Webcam Utility Streaming with multiple accepted models

Simple question: Is it possible to stream / switch scenes using EOS Webcam Utility with multiple models of accepted Canon DSLRs? I ask because I believe there are different versions of webcam utility per DSLR. Example: Would it be possible to switch ...

Canon Camera Connect Live View Lag

Hello,I have a M50 MII. I'm using Canon Camera Connect on my phone, Samsung Galaxy S22. The live view feature for taking videos is so laggy that it's unusable! For photos I would just bear with it as I can wait for it to catch up to the camera's move...

Resolved! EOS Utility not working with Windows 10

Hi all,   I just upgraded to Windows 10, and immediatly ran into the problem that is described in this thread about Windows 8: After reading that thread I decided to unplug the ...

almaniac by Apprentice
  • 200 replies

Canon R5 - Taking Photos when Camera is OFF

Hi Community,I've got an odd issue with my Canon R5, where when a battery is inserted, the camera may start "taking photos" or opening and closing the shutter when powered off. It's not saving them to the SD card, but randomly will start making noise...

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