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EOS M50 Mark II No macOS Ventura Software Options

I am trying to download the camera software to my Mac so that I can upload the photos and videos from my camera, but when it ask for my OS version it pops up as Ventura and there isn't that option to choose. I am stuck now I'm just trying to get ever...

EOS 60D Software Downloads

I have an EOS 60D that I bought about 12 years ago.  Can't find the "EOS Digital Solution Disc" that came with the Camera.  Looking online all I find is to download is "Digital Photo Professional".  Does this download replace the disc that came with ...

MesaMike by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Using iPhone to send GPS data to Canon R5

Hello,Connected my iPhone to R5 and it appears to be successful. The images in the Camera Connect app now have the little sattelite icon and the viewfinder on the back shows the GPS blinking which according to the instructions means they are sending/...

Resolved! Canon Camera Connect App in Movie Mode

Is there a way of using Canon Connect App in Movie Mode? I tried to use it in Movie Mode, and whenever i do, it says Remote Shooting is not available in movie mode. Also, is there any way of importing videos from the camera to my iPhone? I own a Cano...

Camera Connect Geotagging & Image Transfer Issues

HiI'm still struggling with using Camera Connect with my Moto G9 Play. Geotagging seems to work OK, although my phone isn't behaving properly. However, I cannot geotag pictures and have them auto transferred at the same time, since Bluetooth and Wi-F...

EOS Utility Menu Grayed Out After Windows 10 Reinstall

TEAM and ZOOM was was working fine last month on my windows 10 home.I just make fesh install of windows 10 pro.Digital photo professional, remote shooting look working fine.EOS utility menu all gray -> not workingOn driver detail, look that I use mic...

Canon EOS 6D Properties 1_8_2021 1_47_17 PM.png EOS Utility 3 1_8_2021 1_47_58 PM.png EOSWebcamUtility-WIN1.1 1_8_2021 1_48_14 PM.png
bashtop by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Help downloading EOS Utility

Hello,I am a beginner photographer and also new to tethering. I am having some confusion with what to download for EOS utility. I am shooting with EOS 77D and am using a Mac. When I am on the product support page for my 77D and enter my operating sys...

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 11.47.10 AM.png

DPP 4 collections gone after crash

Hi,the software crashed today while trying to close it, after it asked me if I want to save any changes, which I confirmed with 'yes to all'. There came a pop up message that told me something went wrong and then the program closed/crashed.After the ...

Resolved! any way to install ZoomBrowser EX on Windows 11

long time Canon user as you can tell with ZoomBrowser in the Subject..  still using it on my Win 10 PC's.. mainly to upload pics off my SD card.. it just works the way I want it to..  just got a new HP 13"Laptop Windows 11..   ZoomBrowser EX will not...

stakeout by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Cannon G7 mark II won't connect to cannon connect

Hi,I have purchased a new Samsung 22 ultra, downloaded the cannon connect, and am now struggling to connect to my camera.I have tried on other devices also. The camera and phone connect, but when it gets to the stage of accessing the photos the two d...

Folder list in dpp4 is not legible

The folder list in my DPP4 (v., the latest version) has black text on a dark gray background, making the list practically illegible. Other panels of the DPP4 GUI have white text on the gray background, and are perfectly legible; only the fo...

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