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EOS Utility 3 crashes on Ventura 13.6.1 canon R5C latest firmware


EOS Utility 3 crashes on Ventura 13.6.1 canon R5C latest firmware.There is an option update apple osx but i am not sure is there a R5C software for that how is cos utility still crashing . it has hardly been 2-3 days for my R5C. i have taken precautions to quit or uninstall application that asks camera permission even i don't have eos webcam 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings ishanagarwal1,

Aside from quitting and uninstalling any other application that may interfere with the EOS Utility 3 application, please also check to ensure there isn't any security software or security setting that may be interfering with the EOS Utility 3 application.

You may also test a different USB cable along with connecting the cable to a different USB port on the computer. If using a USB hub, then please connect the cable directly to the computer, or remove any other device that may be connected to the hub.

If possible, please test the EOS Utility 3 software on a different computer. If this works then there may be an unknown issue with your computer and we recommend for you to contact Apple for assistance.

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