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Digital Photo Professional 4 - "Edit Image" Preview appears blurry


Greetings Everyone!

While I was working with DPP4 I presumably found something very strange which i wanted to share with all of you.

When i open an image for editing, in the first few seconds the preview shows a pretty flat and sharp RAW image. As soon as the loading circle in the bottom right corner disappears this image preview gets blurry. So far, so probably already known from

I analysed the issue further: If you click on the "Crop and Rotate Images" Tab in the Tool Palette you will see the original (non-blurry) image! As soon as you switch back to any other tab in the Tool Palette you will again see the blurry image in the preview. Interestingly, if you zoom into the image (in any Tool Palette Tab) and then zoom out of the image you will then again see the original non-blurry image and the blurriness is gone (This could be proposed as some kind of work-around)!

This all leads me to the theory, that the preview image is not rendered at full resolution while tinkering with the tools in the Tool Palette. Only if you explicitly want to look into fine details (through zooming) the full resolution rendering of the image gets necessary and then also the blurriness is gone. This behaviour makes sense on the one hand because it is saving computing resources but i think this should be a checkbox in the preferences. Through this every user can decide if they have the necesary computing power to work at every point in time with the full resolution image.

Can someone relate to my problem and is this reproducable? Maybe this should be some issue which the developers could adress in the next release?



Your conclusions are pretty much correct.  The little spinning icon indicates the full resolution image is being rendered.  A RAW file contains a small JPG preview image that is based on the camera settings when the image was captured.  

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So from what i understand, there is not any current setting that i could set in order to change that behaviour?

Additionally: Is there anything that can be done in order to propose that as a feature?

One setting that might do that:






Can you provide your computer specs please? The rendering literally takes a second or two normally.  

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