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XF400 image distortion

My XF400 image was damaged after pressing the infrared button ON and OFF switch. It's now permanently purple, if i press the button once again it looks as if the filter was out of place. It doesn't go back to normal (I had never pressed the infrared ...

XF400 distortion
maslan by Apprentice
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Canon XA35 Image Flicker

Hello, I'm hoping to get some help with an issue with image flicker on a Canon XA35 camcorder. It happens randomly and only seems to affect 1 frame at a time - alternating between a greenish and bluish tint in the image. At first I thought maybe it w...

aharding by Apprentice
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VIXIA HF R800 Can't get movies off the camera

Hello there...just got this camera and having an issue getting the test video downloaded to my computer. Using a SanDisk Ultra 128 GB card. When I connect the camera to the computer, it sees the file folders but says they're empty. On my Chrome book,...

Can I recover files from my XA10's internal drive?

The video files from my XA10's internal hard drive have disappeared. Is there a way to recover them? The only thing I can think of re: what happened is that I tried to transfer some old XA10 files from my Mac to the XA10, and literally everything dis...

Resolved! XF400 - can't reduce gain in manual mode

Hi, I'm using the XF400 in manual mode and for some reason can't seem to lower the gain past 9db (I'm trying to lower using the custom button/knob... I can increase the gain upwards of 9db... but not lower)... this has happened to me a few times and ...

rnb by Apprentice
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HF G20 issues

Hey ALl, I am having issues with my HF G20.The option to select between internal, A and B slot is not longer available!? Only Photo capture....Was installing a FLASHAIR card and in the process am not able to move from memory space to memory space.......

Vixia HF G Series - Video At Night - Focus Issue

Last night I shot 8 minutes of fireworks with my Vixia HF G20 using M Mode.  Most of the video turned out well and the audio was assume as I was almost directly underneath the display.  I was using M mode and made no other changes to the defaults.  A...

Time code

I've turned time code on but cannot turn it off.  How do I do that?  The instructions in the manual don't seem to work.

XA30 Scene Numbering

The scene numbering in the Canon XA30 is off by one digit from the file name on the card. For example, scene 1 of 100 displayed in the camera is actually 00000.MTS on the memory card. Threw me off a bit when first using this camera. Also, why can't t...

camera will not record to internal memory

Just opened brand new Vixia HF-R800, Completed setup proces setting language, date/ time. There was no option for selecting which memory to record video to (internal vs SD card). Camera will not record video, just see error message says No Memory Car...

Drjay51 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Frame rate with the XA30

Help me out with this if anyone can please. I understand the shutter speed should be double your frame rate. So when shooting at 30 frames/second, I should be using 60 for a shutter speed. Shooting at 60 frames/second, it should be 120. The problem i...

Resolved! G50 HDMI output question

Hi all, The Canon G50 internally records 4k at 4:2:0 8-bit.  Is that what it outputs through the HDMI port?  I ask because when set to 1080p it can output 10-bit 4:2:2 through HDMI.  Just curious if the 4K HDMI output is also 10-bit 4:2:2. Thanks for...

CTX1050 by Apprentice
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XF705 support needed // XF-HEVC Decoder 1.0 for macOS

I just rec'd my new XF705 a day ago and am very excited! I've shot test footage and now discover that the H.265 HVEC (MXF) format isn't supported by Premier Pro CC (latest version, etc). Workarounds such as changing .mxf extentions to .mp4 don't help...

Vixia R40 audio input issue

I picked up this R40 camcorder and found out that in order to use an external mic I have to use a powered mic. A friend loaned me his Audio Technica mic and a portable 9v preamp. It almost works great... The problem is that when there is no noise, li...

Drumin by Apprentice
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