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Vixia HF R800 ghost blur


I am shooting indoors. I set up for Low Light. Two cameras in the room. This one, plus a cheaper Sony. The Sony, so far, WINS IT.


Why? For some reason, though I have the camcorder on the highest quality setting records the speaker with ghost hands as he gestures. The Sony is crisp, clear and sharp. This Vixia blurs as he moves his hands.


Am I missing a setting? I even played with 24 FPS just for grins. No joy.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


BTW, for sound, I have a battery pack at the sound board, broadcasting relatively low, from the Headphone jack.


The mic end I put an adapter on via a long cord to prevent too much weight from the battery hanging in the 1/8th inch jack. I rigged it through splitting the signal in a patch cable then re-joining so the sound records not just on the Left. Now it is dual mono signal. I manually adjusted the Vixia volume a little lower and Voila! Beautiful broadcast audio from the sound board into the Vixia! (that's a freebie for you).


Product Expert
Product Expert

HI DaveDR,


Thanks for checking in with us.


We aren't able to provide extensive forum support for that camcorder. For additional options, you can reach our phone support line by calling us at (800)652-2666 on M-F from 9am-7pm EST and listen for our camcorder department.

Well, on my own I figured out it is probably a low light shutter speed issue. Too bad there appear to be no options for manually adjusting shutter speed. That is a pretty big failing.


Now to see if I can figure out how, even though I added light, the final result is grainy.