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Streaming with Vixia HF R800



I purchased the Vixia HF R800 for or church to do streaming.  I'm experienced with streaming and it does stream but there are two issues that appear to make this unsuitable for streaming:


  1. The stream relies upon the video as displayed in the camera monitor -- including all the menu icons -- not like the video that would be recorded to the card.
  2. After 4 minutes, the camera goes into "attract" mode showing a bunch of other stuff in the display.  How do you stop it from doing this?

Is there a way to turn clear all the icons and stop it from timing out to the attract mode?  Or is there something else I need to do with this camera -- besides consider it unsuitable for streaming and return it?



I found my answers:  Tap the "home" icon and then the "tools" icon.  This is the "Other Settings".  On that screen, tap the 2nd tab, and there is a setting for "Output Onscreen Display" and "Demo Mode".  Setting these both to "Off" resolved each issue.

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