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Black is now Cyan?!

OK, was having the cyan nozzle blockage problem so I removed the head and flushed it out and re-installed. Did not clear the problem and now what used to be black on the nozzle check is now clearly cyan and no I didn't switch the carts (impossible I ...

New to Pixma Pro 100

I just purchased a pixma pro 100. I am planning to use it on my Mac running OS Big Sur.I have the Adobe creative suite. What are the best ways to print? Should I do it through those applications? How do I get better profiles, what are the best settin...

Canon Pixma Pro 100 wrong colors

Hello, I am getting wrong colors when I do a print with blue in it. The blue colors are coming out as purple! And yet some prints are perfect. I am also getting magenta and grey when trying to print in black and white. Help 1drworx 

1drworx by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! PIXMA PRO 100 - Glossy Paper Text Streaks

Hello,  I have a new (about two months old) Canon Pixma Pro 100 and I am trying to print some stickers. Previously a few would come out like this, but today it seems like every sheet has almost every sticker with the same issue.  Here is an example o...

mgio25 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Pixma Pro 10 Abrasion on Print

Finally got Print Studio Pro up and running. Color from prints using PSP match my monitor! Yay! Now I am seeing what looks like an abrasion in one corner of the print. If I go into my printer's settings I see a setting to reduce abrasion. Do I also n...

Canon Pro100

My Proi100 is not printing dull colors, as with other complaints, it is printing all wrong colors!  i.e. a black and white photo prints with the top half green!  I've tried nozzle clenaing, deep cleaning and every other option on the utility menu to ...

Pro 1 printing B&W with a sepia tint

I desperately need help and I am at my wit's end.  I have a Canon Pro 1 printer and recently all B&W prints have come out with a sepia tint.  I have installed the latest driver from the Canon website, ( as well as the latest firmware, (ver ...

Pro-200 smears matte premium

Tried my first print on the sample of Premium Matte A, letter sized, defauilted 25mm borders.Black ink bled all over from the dark areas.I printed from PShop, using PShop with ICC set to Canon Premium Matte A.  Selected same settings on the P-200 set...

DrNo by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Prograf 1000 XPS driver problem

I'm hoping somone with this printer is willing to test something. I have used the XPS (16 bit) driver with my Prograf Pro 1000 since I bought it two or three years ago, with no problems until last week. Last week colors were suddenly off. It looked l...

dkoretz by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Print Studio Pro Windows 10 installation issues

Hello, I've just purchased a Pixma PRO-10 and am really struggling with getting the print studio pro plugin working with Adobe Photoshop CC 2020(version 21.x) running on Windows 10 Home. I just tried to restarting the whole process from a clean slate...

mnscheu by Contributor
  • 16 replies
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