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Any one know how to talk to flesh and blood at Canon? Have been trying all day to get through. Been on hold. Phones have gone dead due to the length of time. Pro 100 is not even a year old and I have deadlines. Been trying to get help for weeks.Print...

tbirdg by Apprentice
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Pixmar 100 pro help driver

Hi I have upgraded to windows 10 and installed the driver off the internet. The printer works however the driver appears much more basic than I was used to before. However the biggest problem is that i cannot use certain media types eg glossy & matte...

glow777 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! PRO 10 colors completely off

First, I am printing from a Mac, OS 10.15.3, and printing my image from IPhoto and Preview. I haven't used my Pro-10 in a while, so I made sure the driver was current and all the ink tanks were full.  I put Canon photo paper in the printer and matche...

dddenise by Contributor
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Pro-100 Black and white driver

Would Canon please reply: Many Pro-100 photographers would happily pay for a driver that uses black and gray inks only for BW photos.Alternatively, we would like to know how to trigger the existing driver to do that.Absent that we all need to make so...

rtknu by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Pro-1000 calibration value setting on driver

Hallo, on driver, under "paper detailed setting" - "calibration value", what is the difference beetween "printer default" and "use value"? I think in the first I use the common calibration and in the second I use the unique calibration. thanks

maucamo by Enthusiast
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Pro-100 colours wrong

My recent prints are coming out wrong. Almost neon in some pointsI have tested the sample image shown here and it’s definitely wrongHave included picsAll the settings look good

Pixma Pro 1

Desperate, please help!My printer is flashing 10 times which indicates the output tray is in the paper jam clearing position.  The tray is in the correct position and there is no paper jam.  This problem has occured twice before in the last couple of...

Canon Pixma Pro -100 prints funny at the end

Good day everyone;I am very pleased to own a canon pixma pro-100, however, after printing about 30 4x6's during christmas, I realize that before the printer spits out the paper, it slides the paper and prints funny at the end of the page. (please see...

IMG-3115.jpg IMG-3116.jpg
zoomzoom by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Black is now Cyan?!

OK, was having the cyan nozzle blockage problem so I removed the head and flushed it out and re-installed. Did not clear the problem and now what used to be black on the nozzle check is now clearly cyan and no I didn't switch the carts (impossible I ...

New to Pixma Pro 100

I just purchased a pixma pro 100. I am planning to use it on my Mac running OS Big Sur.I have the Adobe creative suite. What are the best ways to print? Should I do it through those applications? How do I get better profiles, what are the best settin...

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