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Canon Pro 100 color off

Color is too reddish.  I have included images of a photo, a LrC screenshot and a test.  Monitor is calibrated.  Paper profile is correct - Canon Luster Pro.I'm at wits end trying to solve this issue.

PXL_20230209_005201353[1].jpg PXL_20230209_005213798[1].jpg PXL_20230209_005302903[1].jpg
jmaurice by Apprentice
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I can't disable airprint using Canon Pro-200

Hi there, I have a Canon pixma pro-200 and am trying to test print some illustrations to check colors.  I'm printing through Photoshop using a macstudio.  When I try to print using Photoshop settings, it tells me to make sure to disable the printer's...

janeenlc by Apprentice
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PIXMA PRO-200 Adding a new paper type

Hi thereI have a Canon Pixma Pro 200 and I am trying to print on Canon Premium Fine Art Smooth paper. In PPL I cannot find this paper type - so I've been using the 'fine art heavy paper' ICC profile. The print is darker than expected and I'm wonderin...

Will a Pro-10 work with ordinary paper?

I have a Pro9000 Mark II and it prints good with glossy paper but I'm working on a project that needs cotton paper and after I ran it through the printer the resolution was horrible and there's a yellow tint that's not even in the original photo. I w...

PIXMA PRO-100 Web Interface Issues

Hello, I just bought a used Canon Pro 100 and have issues accessing the web interface. I used to have a Canon Pro 100 in the past so I am familiar with what it should look like, but my current Pro 100 will only show a Network Configuration page with ...

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 2.41.01 PM.png

PIXMA PRO-200 How to print custom sizes

I cannot find a way to custom print. I would like to use 12 x 16 and 18 x 24 frames. Help!Why send me 13 x 19" paper with my Pixma Pr-200 printer purchase when I am going to waste so much of it ? Why make it sound like I have choices, when it only wi...

PIXMA PRO-100 No Ink on the Paper

I seem to be having trouble with my printer printing. It was just a couple months ago when I used it last and it was fine. Right now, when I try to print anything or test a nozzle pattern, not one drop of ink shows up on the paper. Since then I have ...

My Pixma PRO-100 stopped printing

I decided to print something today and checked the ink levels and went through the thorough head cleaning process. It sounds like it goes through the while process, even when I click check nozzle pattern. But when I check the paper, there is nothing!...

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