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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 How to selct NailStickers media as media type?


I like to use the multi-purpose tray of my Prograf 300 to test print on different materials. 

Unfortunately, the "NailStickers" do not show up in the media list of the printer driver (Windows 11)

I tried to do this by selecting "Printable disc". That works very well, but you have the disc hole, which is not printed. I've found no solution to eliminate the print hole of the "Printable disc" media, so I tried to use the "NailSticker" media. But this media is not on the media list of the printer driver.

I wonder why it is so complicated to use the multi-purpose tray. All I like to do is print on a media I place in the tray.

Is there a way to print that way? If only discs are possible, is there a way to prevent the disc hole from not beeing printed?

Please check the sample picture. I printed the portrait directly on an aluminum disc. 

Besides that annoying disc hole in the middle of the picture, everything is as I expected.

Please note: if you try to do this at home, please make sure to post-process the print with vernis! The print won't stick to the aluminum on its ownNina_.jpg Thanks for any advice!


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Interested in this as I am having the same problem! I am printing on a thicker paper material but also have the disc hole. I have searched all over for a solution to this.


I think the tray could be a great feater if only it would be possible to use it to its full extend.

In each lable creating software I tested it was possible to set the hole to size zero, alas the printer driver just ignores this setting.

The least Canon could do, is making the paper size of the tray available within the printer driver. 

I don't understand the reason for this kind of restrictions.