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new imac wont print wirelessly

My new imac (OS 10.11.1)  will not print wirelessly unless the laptop that has the original Cannon software installed is open and turned on. My imac can find the printer and it is set as the default printer. I tried installing the software from a CD ...

MG6620 not detected

I have a Canon MG6620 printer that I can connect to my home network.  However, my computer can not detect the printer.  I am using Windows 10 with my firewall disabled. Thanks for any suggestions.

Chromebook & MX452

I have a MX452 and I have successfully connected it to my wireless network, and I am even able to print from my Note 4 Android phone, but apparently the MX452 is not Google Cloud Print capable.  It boogles my mind that if it is connected to the same ...

Notrega by New Contributor
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Canon MX 710 Printer

Need to find serial number for my MX 710 printer. Told this will be password for the printer that I must have to print through my home network from my new Apple iMac computer. Is the serial number the password? If so, how can I get it? Thanks.

littlec by New Contributor
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