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PIXMA TS9560 Driver installation and print spooler errors


Help Please Canon TS 9560 no driver available, can install driver print spooler has stopped

Any help would be great. 

From any print menu, no printers are visable

Setting/devices/printers  TS 9500 is visable but states driver is unavailable. No pulldown menu is available to remove or edit this device. Other printers are visbale and functioning. Just this one stuck

Canon / download drivers / ts9560 download... it gets 90% through and says cant complete install, print spooler stopped. 

Devices / printer spooler services / right click and restart.... status says now running. Confirmed set to automatic. 

No result change

Restart computer, no result change

Cant access printer in device menu to remove and try again, cant download driver, print spool says running, no print jobs in queue but driver install keeps returning same message, print spooler error. 

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