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PIXMA iX6870 Can Hotel Room WiFi be used for cableless setup?


I bought printer to use in hotel but iPhone iOS 17.1.1 isn’t connecting even though the printer LED-WiFi keeps blinking, Power LED is solid ON, 



Hi there.

I'm not a tech, but I've been moderating the forum for a very long time. When you're on a public Wi-Fi network, it likely has device isolation turned on. That's a safety feature to prevent one person from accessing another person's data or devices maliciously. It will also prevent you from accessing your printer. Basically every device that hits the network is blind to every other device. 

What you'll want to do is setup your printer in Wireless Direct mode.

Since I don't know which printer you have, I can't give you step-by-step instructions, but basically, it will give your printer its own SSID (network name), and your iPhone or laptop can then connect to your printer's WiFi network directly to print.

Thanks my new printer is Inkjet Printer iX6870. I also tried replacing my Room WiFi with my own hotspot and am not getting improvement other than speedier response such as following 

To setup the network connection, connect your smartphone directly to your printer. Select [Join] on the following dialog.


If your printer is not found, try these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Wi-Fi enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Make sure you have Wi-Fi enabled on your printer.
  3. Make sure your devices are connected to the same network.
  4. Open your smartphone's settings and check that this app has been granted local network access under Privacy] > [Local Network].
  5. Restart your smartphone.
  6. Make sure your devices are in range of your wireless router.
  7. Restart the wireless router.

If your printer is still not found after performing the above steps, try:

  • Restarting the printer.
  • Turning off any other wireless devices nearby.
  • Return to the original screen and tap [If Printer Cannot be Found] to confirm that your printer's Wi-Fi is set up correctly

Thanks for the updated info!

A cellular hotspot is going to do the same sort of thing with device isolation. 

That unit is an Asian market exclusive, however, you should be able to get the proper software/apps from

If you do that, and you're still stumped, we'd recommend reaching out to your local Canon team so they can help you establish a connection with your printer. You'll find them at

I need help with understanding how Safari settings interfere with non-AirPrint App (developed by printer manufacturer) detect printer name during wireless setup; manufacturer is catered to business needs but doesn’t provision AirPrint


App by manufacturer did allow me to assign WiFi to printer but doesn’t detect printer name. My WiFi is from hotel for same floor; direct wireless connection should work but didn’t. I finally completed setup using Android phone which I guessed worked due to less security.  Strangely, my iPhone began detecting printer name. What could my Android phone do to the printer to enable iPhone detect printer? Is it possible that Safari is preventing the detection because I noticed some message from Safari.


If I remember correctly, my Safari settings were demoted to following

PRIVACY & SECURITY - Prevent Cross-Site Tracking ON, Hide IP Address - OFF, Require Touch ID to Unlock Private Browsing, Fraudulent Website Warning OFF, TRACKING OFF FOR APP

PRIVACY - Block All Cookies OFF, Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting

Protection - Private Browsing, JavaScript ON, Web Inspector OFF.


I also tried

① reset all network settings

② use my personal hotspot

③ set iPhone WiFi to forget all other WiFi except my personal hotspot


Manufacturer suggestion including following

  1. Open your smartphone's settings and check that this app has been granted local network access under Privacy] > [Local Network].
  2. Restart smartphone and printer settings


What I like to add is a month ago, my iOS devices have no problems with another PIXMA multifunctional printer K10446 using home WiFi. This prompts me to buy same printer. I can no longer use previous printer because I am no longer in same continent. 

Home Wi-Fi will work as expected. Most cellular hotspot devices and public WiFi don't allow devices to see one another on their network. They allow devices to access the Internet, and that's all. Home Wi-Fi allows for fully-fledged networking and Internet access. I have personal experience with using my phone as a hotspot (both Android and iPhone), and that has worked, but I don't guarantee that since it's not supported - only using a personal router (that you have access to) is supported.


I end up using my personal mobile data to create hotspot. 
I didn’t spend time investigating following direct wired setup options because no such cables came with PIXMA printer nor mentioned in manufacturer documentation nor approved by Canon Technicians 

 ① a USB OTG would work with Canon supplied USB cable

 ② iPhone lightning to Ethernet cable.

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