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PowerShot SX730HS and MacBook Pro

Hi there, Have a Macbook Pro 2019 and for whatever reason I cannot connect camera with wifi or bluetooth to Macbook Pro. Has anyone been successful in doing so? I can connect and transfer photos with USB but would really prefer to use wifi.  MBP has ...

thinking of upgrading need advice

I have a powershot sx530HS with a 50x optical zoom am thinking of upgrading to a Canon rebel t6 or 7 and a 70-300mm lens.Here is my question and please excuse my photo ignorance. Will I get better telephoto photos with the 70 - 300mm than the 50x opt...

nan156 by Enthusiast
  • 9 replies

PowerShot SD870 IS Issues

I have a powershot SD870 IS. It has a grey dot on the screen about the size of a dime. Also it does not focus either. You can't hear the motor trying to focus the lens and you can see the lens does not move at all. Can it be fixed by someone or is it...

Resolved! Help!! Cannot use SX280-HS to transfer pictures

I have a new MacBook Pro and it seems that the computer will not recognize the camera.  I'm using the cable that plugs into the camera and has a USB plug at the other end.  I have to use a USB to USB-C connecter so that I can plug this into the lapto...

staaal by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Powershot GX7 III not connecting to YouTube

Hi, i specifically bought this camera because i didn´t need any computer to livestream to YouTube. I bought it yesterday and have sat with the settings for an entire day now. Nothing is working as supposed. I have a connection with the camera on my m...

Nasar by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Can't connect Powershot to Mac computer

Hey there! I bought this brand new mac desktop computer this past summer. This past week I purchased a Canon Powershot SX530 HS for taking pictures for our school yearbook. I tried to connect my camera to my mac seeing as I'm going to need to transfe...

jennam by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Fix for Image Stabilizer problem in SX-50?

The Image Stabilizer in my SX-50 has recently gone haywire. After I turn the camera on, I hear a rapid clicking, and the image in the viewfinder zaps back and forth--apparently the IS is moving an internal lens uncontrolably. I bought this camera new...

SX280 SX280HS battery problem SOLVED

I have solved the battery issue. The trouble is that the battery contacts and the camera power contacts don't stay together.  The battery is just a bit too small for the space, and the tab that holds it in place is on the wrong side of the battery.  ...


Disable display timeout on A80 or G9?

Does anyone know how to disable the display timeout on the A80? I would like to use the camera with the display on a TV using the A/V cable, and would like to have the display available indefinitely. I also have a G9 that I could use for this, but it...

Can't upload photos via USB cable/SX720 HS

This camera is causing me "conniptions". It took me a week to fix the problem of being unable to upload photos via WIFI and now this! I was, prior to having WIFI issues, uploading my photos to my computer via the USB cable. I had no issues. Then I ha...

Nagal by Contributor
  • 13 replies
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