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Canon Powershot G9 Lens Error


Hi everyone. I have a Canon Powershot G9 from 2009 that got stuck in lens error. Someone accidentally bumped in to me and made me drop it while the lens was still out. I really love this camera and I am hoping to get it fixed, but canon does not cover it anymore in their repair shop. Is there anyone that could help me out/give any advice?




Sorry to hear about this unfortunate accident.  Whether you are able to get this this camera repaired or you buy a new one, please get a wrist strap.  Whenever you're shooting in close proximity to people, you have to keep both eyes open, one eye on the camera and one eye on people around you moving into your personal space.  A wrist strap basically protects you from these types of accidents. 

Search Google for camera repair with your ZIP code.  

Unfortunately, the cost to repair may exceed the cost to replace.  

Canon has a friendly, helpful sales team.  They understand accidents happen and also provide an upgrade program to help you replace your device which is reached its end of life or is not economically repairable.  If you find that your camera cannot be repaired, reach out to the sales team for upgrade assistance.  They offer a small discount and free shipping to get you taking photos again.


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