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"Memory Card Error" on Canon Powershot SX410IS


I got gifted a camera with the understanding that there was an issue detecting the memory card. I tried troubleshooting it a few years back, but set it down and left it until now due to life.

The error used to be No Memory Card Detected, but for whatever reason it's changed to Memory Card Error. Canon's website says that's a formatting error. I reformatted to exFat and Fat32 and neither remove the error. Could it be a generational thing where my memory card is too new for an older camera? Maybe. I am also using a micro and an adapter, but they both work as my computer recognizes them, so I know it's not damage to the card itself. The canon website also suggests it's inserted backwards, but that's BS cause it will only go in one way, so...

Anyone know what this could be? I don't want to have to take it apart to fix it as it was free to me and that's not worth it. Back when I tried fixing it before, I did use canned air to make sure there wasn't anything inside the compartment. Dust came out, but not a lot. I have some computer repair tools and feel confident that I could dismantle it if needed, but like I said, I'd rather not. Thanks either way.