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New (refurb) SX70 HS powershot seems soft and blurry, especially with video


Just got my SX70 HS, to replace my aging Niikon P900 that I use for videos on my youtube channel.  I'm concerned about the quality of stills and video from the powershot.   Attached is a comparison crop from video shot with each.  FullHD 1920x1080 in both cases with plenty of light.  The canon is lacking detail and also has fluttery compression artifacts in the background of the playback.  Plenty of light, but the canon looks like it's in low light.  ISO automatic, Exposure settings automatic.   Did I get a bad camera?

camera HD video comparison.png



I have never tried to use a bridge camera for video.  If you are unhappy with the performance, then I would suggest that you return it.  The SX70 HS is almost as old as the Nikon P900. 

I would not consider the the SX70 HS to be an upgrade.  If you want an inexpensive Canon camera for streaming, then I would recommend the EOS R50 camera kit with lens.  The R100 seems like it could be more in line with your budget. 


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