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Disable display timeout on A80 or G9?

Does anyone know how to disable the display timeout on the A80? I would like to use the camera with the display on a TV using the A/V cable, and would like to have the display available indefinitely. I also have a G9 that I could use for this, but it...

Can't upload photos via USB cable/SX720 HS

This camera is causing me "conniptions". It took me a week to fix the problem of being unable to upload photos via WIFI and now this! I was, prior to having WIFI issues, uploading my photos to my computer via the USB cable. I had no issues. Then I ha...

Nagal by Contributor
  • 13 replies

G9X Mark 2 HDMI not working

Recently webcams have been pretty expensive so I went through and I found my G9X and since it has an HDMI I figured it would possibly work. I went ahead and bought a micro hdmi cable on amazon and when I tested it out by connecting it to my TV, nothi...

robleyhm by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

SX710 HS loosing time

Hello All,My SX710 can't remember the time anymore.  Previous Canon cameras I have owned had a small watch cell type battery to maintain the real time clock.  I can't find any such battery on this camera.Is it hidden from me or is it locked up inside...

How can I disconnect my SX 420 IS account

i not speak english, i use google translatorI bought a used Canon sx 420 IS camera and I want to use the service of "image sync" and "upload to web service", but it seems that it is still linked to the account of the previous owner, I have looked for...

seba908 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon PowerShot G1 X?

I know nothing about photography or cameras. My girlfriend is looking to buy a "beginner" camera and found a used model on sale for $200. Here is the exact model for reference:https://www.amazon.com/Canon-PowerShot-14-3-Digital-Camera/dp/B006UMM2BWIs...

Resolved! Update date and time error

Hi,I have a powershot SX60 HS and I am unable to connect to the new server image.cannon I am also unable to connect to my iPhone to have my pictures transferred that way. it keeps giving me an error that props me to update date and time and I have ch...

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