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Duplex printing by default on Maxify GX4020 printer

Online support says I can make duplex printing the default by going to settings and selecting the "Eco" option on the touch screen.    There is not such as option on my new GX4020 printer.   I tried to search through all available options.    I canno...

LBP6230dw Printer only prints two thirds of page

Hey all!  First time poster, and absolutely frustrated to the point of tears with my new printer.I'm a bookbinder, and the reason I got this printer was for the duplex printing, and the speed of the print.  Laser printer for cheap?  Awesome!I get it ...

Preview screen.png Printout.png
Westly by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

imageCLASS LBP6030w Replacement cartridge 125 does not fit

The purchased a genuine Canon replacement 125 cartridge for our LBP6030W laser printer.  But the replacement doesn't work,  and jams when printing .  The original "Starter 125 Cartridge works fine, but needs toner, so we purchased the replacement.  T...

canon 125.jpg
cecilia2 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

MB2720 Smudged Barcode

I have an MB2720.  I am trying to print a return label with barcodes on it.  Everything prints fine except for the barcodes, which are smudged and streaky.  I've adjusted all the settings I can find, cleaned everything multiple times and even replace...

MF743CDW Can't Handle 6.75x9 Paper, Jams

Can't print on 6.75"W x 9"L paper without jamming.  I've tried both paper drawers, and manual feed.  I have registered the paper size as a custom paper and tried all paper thickness settings.  The printer pulls the paper in and jams just before exiti...

Micmann by Contributor
  • 3 replies

MAXIFY MB2700 when to change ink cartridge

I have an mb2700 printer.  I see that two inks are low, have changed the other three already, but when I open the door, it tells me the door is open and does not prompt me to change inks.  I see the level is low on the screen, but do I have to wait f...

slgorin by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Maxify MB2720 scanner not connecting

I can print from my computer but when I try to scan it says it's not connected.I've turned on and off the printer, uninstalled and reinstalled it, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers - still I am able to print but not connect via IJ scan. ???I am...


MF242DW Error Code 301-001

Hello, I have an error I am trying to resolve. If it involves replacing the "Main Controller Board", then I'd like to know how to go about understanding that option better. Thank you.I found the following answer on Just Answer. It's the same error ex...

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