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imageCLASS MF264dw Scanner driver not recognized by macOS Ventura

  • I have an image class MF 264DW. 

  • It is kept in my vacation home. When I left it last fall, it was working. When I returned in the spring, after several Mac operating system updates, it was not working. My current operating system is macOSX 13.3.1 (a) Ventura. 
  • I found a fairly helpful YouTube video, on the Canon YouTube channel, for this printer. It worked for installing the printer function on my Mac. It did not work for installing the scanner function.
  • The operating system interface has changed. There is no longer, apparently, an add scanner interface. The operating system doesn’t seem to recognize that there is a separate driver for the scanner.
  • I did download the latest drivers from the Canon website. The operating system just doesn’t seem to be able to see the scanner driver. When I try to open the scanner, it doesn’t work.
  • Any solutions?






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Aebtty,

To scan from a Mac running Ventura, you would need to download and install the Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.12 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.3.1] from our Canon USA support site. Once the driver and utility is installed, you will have the scanner software needed. The program that will install is called the MFtoolbox and it will appear in application in a folder marked Canon utilities. The software will give you the ability to perform scans and change the scanner settings.


Alas, the Canon printer is in my vacation home, which I just left the day you sent this, & I'm not going to be there again until July. Maybe I can try this then.