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Tripod ?

Hello everyone, I am in the market for a good tripod, I have a few that as you know have pros and cons, I used to prefer lightweight for a long carry in, however that sacrifices stability, I am a land surveyor and have access to serious tripods that ...

Please Help with Scanner problem!

I have a Canon DRM140 scanner and it works on all of my computers except for one of them. When I plug it into this computer it comes up in device manager as "unknown device". I tried many things such as uninstalling it, uninstalling other drivers, in...

Acc052 by Apprentice
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CanoScan LiDE 220 not scanning

Hello I recently purchased one of these and I already did the set-up and installations on the Cd Rom. However I have it plugged in and pressed autoscan yet it won't scan a thing. And I cant find anything I installed except the manuals and the garden ...

Powershot or Pocket Canon of High End Quality

I am retiring as a professional photographer although remaining active in videoraphy for now.  I have sold my Canon 5DM3 and all my L lenses and getting ready to sell my 6D and 4 more lenses along with two 600 speedlites and will want to have a nice,...

mail settings

which mail settings(ports and etc.) I have to apply to be able fo sending scan to email? (I have gmail account)

qoca by Apprentice
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Why No CanonFilm or Medium Format Cameras?

I've wondered why Canon got completely out of the film business, and has never looked back.  I have also wondered why is it that Canon doesn't offer a medium format DSLR camera.   I can guess about the film question, not enought being sold to support...

LIDE220 - Max resolution in ScanGear is 1200

Why can I not access higher scan resolutions.I have just updated to Windows 10 64bit - this may be irrelevant as this is the first time I tried to access high res scanning.WIth Corel Photo Paint the highest scan resolution is 600dpi.With Scan Gear th...

How to register a CanoScan LiDE220

I just purchased a CanoScan LiDE220, but when I try to register it on-line, there is no match for this product in the product field. This is preventing me from continuing. I've tried to just type the product name and number in, but I'm not allowed to...

tajkkj by Apprentice
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