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Trouble using EOS 100D as a webcam

I am trying to get my EOS100D to work as a webcam on my computer, but I keep running into the same issues that I cannot figure out. The camera is plugged into my computer via Mini-USB and the dummy battery is connected to my computer (I tried to plug...

Star Trails Video With SL-3?

I have been playing around with star trails photos and my new SL-3. I can create "still" photos of the star trails with hundreds of files using a free program called StarStax. Is there a way to turn these files into a moving video? Many thanks!

EOS 5D Mark IV Poor-Quality 4K

I am struggling with the quality of video in my 5DiV.I shot a clip on what I understand is the highest quality possible: in 4k 29.97P MJPG / 1/60sec / f10 / ISO 400 / Camera Standard / 5500k on a Laowa 14mm f4 zero-d. The memory card is a SanDisk Ext...

Canon A1 electrical issues

Hello, i have a Canon A1 that wasnt showing any signs of power even with new batteries. I proceeded to open the top of the camera and the black and orange wires that are under the winding lever have come loose with the brass/copper film that they wer...

lincon7 by Apprentice
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