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EOS r6mii randomly showing error 80


My brand new EOS r6mii camera keeps randomly showing error 80 while I'm shooting. Powering the camera off and turning it back on, and also taking out the battery and re-installing it temporarily solves the problem, but it will randomly pop up again and I have to do those steps again, which is annoying. I've looked up error 80 and Canon mentions that there could be a problem with the electrical components of the camera if it keeps appearing. I do have 3rd party batteries that state they are compatible that I have been using and I feel like I noticed the issue soon after I popped one into my camera. I can't remember for sure though since it was weeks ago. Could the error be caused by my camera not recognizing my battery like it would with an actual Canon battery? Or should i be worried about another issue?



Greetings ,

This should be addressed immediately. Reset the camera to defaults both main and custom settings. If you are using any third-party accessories, remove them from the camera, lens, battery, etc

Now test with a (replacement) compatible UHS-II full size memory card formatted in the camera.  Canon battery and one or more Canon lenses.

Note, memory cards should only be purchased from a reputable source.  Online retailers such as B&H and Adorama.  Best buy is pretty safe too. Avoid Amazon.

If the error persists, exchange the body.  Don't wait, don't hope.  This is not the way you want to start a new camera experience out.  Let us know the results once tested.  

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I have done what you recommended with the lens (I only have Canon lenses) and the battery, and I have reset all my custom settings. So far, I have not noticed a problem. I will keep testing it out. 

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