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Clear night time pictures.

I recently was bought a Canon T5 rebel and I would like to start taking professional style photos. I am very new to this and would appreciate any advice. Right now I'm trying to take a clear picture of the moon and I do not know the right settings or...

err 99

i have a rebel xs and have started getting  the err 99 error.  after taking out the battery and sd card and taking off the lense  and letting it sit for about half an hour and various other quick fix attempts,  i started doing some trouble shooting t...

webbco by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

60D not powering on

Canon 60D fails to power on!Can anyone please advise me regarding a problem with my 60D, having removed the battery and placed the camera away working normally, a week later after refitting the fully charged battery the camera failed to power up.I ha...

New EOS 750D making magenta/pink pictures

I recently bought a new EOS 750D after I borrowed the 700D from someone. I love working with it, the only problem I found was that it seems to make pictures with a magenta/pink hue on it when I'm making pictures in unnatural light. I can't find the s...

Tiffyx by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

eos 70D screen not work, touch works

hello all;I have a problem with the touch screen, yesterday I turned on the machine and the screen does not work anymore, the screen lights up but is still black. The touch works because after pressing the menu button and tapping the screen i hear th...

Bronco by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

EOS 5D Mark IV Introduced

My favorite, NYC based, online Canon retailer is holding an event today, introducing the 30MB 5D mark IV.  The specifications for the camera are online, and the camera is available for pre-order.  It is priced comparable to the 5Ds cameras.  It looks...

Resolved! 7DMII AF Microadjustment Variation

Hello All, I was wondering if there is a listed tollerance for variation in AF after applying microadjustment as I'm finding that after I apply micro adjustment, there still seems to be some inconsistencies. In this example I am using my Canon 50mm f...

Correction-Base.jpg Correction-2.jpg Correction-3.jpg Correction-4.jpg
Marc13579 by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Settings Correct on Canon Rebel T5?

I have been using a Canon Rebel T5 recently & I am not sure if the settings are incorrect or if the blurriness is due to camera shake. Would someone be able to tell me just by looking at one of the pictures? I am new to this, so appreciate any help. ...

Chloe0317 by Contributor
  • 21 replies
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