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Resolved! 5d mark iii unresponsive

Hello: Situation:5D Mark iii is partially unresponsive. Background:I was at Isle Royale last week shooting wildlife and landscape.  The morning prior to leaving, I was shooting a family of ducks.  My 32GB SanDisk Exstreme Pro CF card was nearly full,...

trnelson by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Issues with 5D Mark iii

Really hoping someone can Help! I have had my Mark iii for a little over a year and have hardly been able to use it for work due to the way it picks up these massive reflections off of every single white surface (table linens, a piece of paper, the b...

WFT-8 (A) / 1DX Mark 2 Questions

HI. just received my Canon 1DX Mark II nd with it the WFT-E8 (a). i very familiar with canon EOS cameras, but i am clueless when it comes to WFT-E8 and getting it to talk/transfer files to my Macbook Pro. the device came with a CD (which is useless t...

Eos10 can't connect to phone

Hi , i have a problem with my Canon eos10. I had the app "canon camera connect" and it worked well with my phone, but then suddenly deleted the app and redownloaded it. Now it shows that i am connected with wifi of camera but the app says "operate th...

Hannayan by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

WiFi connection

I cannot connect my Canon 6D with my iPhone 5 even after I installed the EOS Remote App. Camera's WiFi function is or was configured and I think I followed all the steps to try to connect camera to phone so I can transfer my photos.Thank you.

AlanK by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Canon 1200d: pictures come out green

So basically I got that camera from my relative a month ago and it has just worked fine. Now yesterdey when I went out to take some pictures of twilight, they came out white. Even on automatic mode. Today I took also some pictures and they came out g...

Hikari by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Canon 6D Live View and Bulb Mode

I’m wondering if anyone with a Canon 6D might be able to help me. I was working on some long exposure photography and thought that I'd try out Live View as I've never used it before. I was using a 10 stop ND so I found Live View helpful in that I cou...

Resolved! Factory Service Center Complaint

This is in regard to Repair ID: [Removed personal information per Community Guidelines]I turned in my Canon 5D MkII in to my local Canon FSC for repair after my toddler pushed the camera off a table and the mode dial was damaged but not broken. Nothi...

mgsipa by Contributor
  • 31 replies

Successor to the 7D MK II

Now that the 80D has made some nice improvements over the 70D does anyone know if Canon is looking to make the next upgrade to the 7D MK II? Since the 70D and 7D MK II have the same sensor is Canon planning on similar upgrades for the next 7D based o...

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