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my camera we given to me. i do not know much about it, i do a lot of portraits for people but the quality does not meet the cameras potential. i am thinking i need to have it cleaned, is that a waist of time 

WFTPairing causes runaway Java process

I installed the EOS Digital Solutions Disk (v 28.5) only to discover following my next reboot (Windows 10) that my desktop was taken over by a runaway Java thread that took up 97%+ of CPU time.  It took hours of troubleshooting, but I finally tracked...

Resolved! Playback issue on Canon 5D Mark III:

Used an 8  GB Compact Flash card. JPEG image quality capacity 622.  Shot about 500 pics at a polo match.  Downloaded into Picasa on my computer and Picasa would load only about 337 pics.  Tried to view the remaining pictures on the image screen on th...

Kris by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon 70d frooze and won't turn on

I have run into a Problem with my 70D Camera Frooze and now won't turn on since i bought it about a year now i have been using it mainly for video with no issuses then today while i was shooting the video frooze tried to turn off it did not work i ha...

parasram by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Could someone have stolen my camera internal parts?

I sent my 6D in for repair of my HDMI jack through Best Buy where I bought it. It came back fast almost too fast(within a week) for being in Alaska(everythings slow shipped here). I checked my S/N on the camera before I accepted it.Anyway once I got ...

Zane by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Zoom in and out with software

Hi, I got the new canon EOS Rebel T5, and I will be using it remotely from far away. I have the software, and I love it.  I can focus and unfocus etc, but I find the zoom adjuster.  Zooming in and out remotely is very important.  Does it exist? Thank...

manny42 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Using a Canon Rebel T3 to Record Video

So I purchased a Canon Rebel T3 like 5 years ago and never really used it. I've been think of posting music video or video for myself and YouTube.What all do I need (besides skill)What about hardware and software required?I saw a YouTube video saying...

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