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LCD won't work on Manual settings

I have a Canon Eos Rebel T5 and can't do without my manual settings.  If I switch the dial to Auto, Creative Auto, Macro, or any of the preset categories, the LCD displays just fine and the camera takes pictures as usual.  However, if I move the dial...

Resolved! What did I do wrong?

Still portrait of my son. Using my canon 80d with my canon 50mm lens. Golden hour and settings were 180 / 4.0 /250 and my image is blurry when blown up.Shutter speed to slow?Help!

Macro lens for the SL1

Hi, I have been using Canon Rebel SL1 with the standard 18-55 IS lens. I think I have found my photograhly niche: close-up flower photography.  Doing close-ups has really helped me (newbie DSLR photographer) start to understand how to use light and t...

amatula by Enthusiast
  • 39 replies

C100 m2 trouble with image in WideDR

Hey everyone- So I am a new Canon C100 M2 user. The other cameras I use for jobs (mainly weddings) include a Canon 5D M3 and two M2s. I have been having a hell of a time matching the cams in post. While the 5D's look great- nice colors, contrast, sat...

7D Mark ii will not turn OFF

I have a 4 month old 7D Mark ii that will not turn off.  The camera opperates just fine, but when the power switch is flipped to the off possition, the camera remains fulling functional.  I can take picture, and review what is on the memory cards jus...

ziffbam by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Back button AF mode issues with T3i

hi all,  first post here. After seeing the virtues of BBF I successfully set my camera to do just that,  and focus has been taken away from the shutter release button. What i really want to be able to do is tap the * button for one-shot and also be a...

London by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

is my camera faulty

Just bought a second hand canon 1dIIn but its showing a strange patten has any one any thoughts is it faulty? thanks guys. I also have a 7d and 600d never seen this happen before what lens it is a 300f4 prime with 1.4 ex. Any help thanks. 400iso shut...

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