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I already have a Sigma 18-250.  Would it a good buy to get a Canon 70-300 also?  Or the difference between the 250 and 300 would not warrent the big cost of the Canon?
I got one with my T3I but nothing with my new T7I.  They come in handy for learning the camera.  Did I just not get one....or they don't make them anymore?
I have had a Canon T3I camera for year and have plenty of Canon batteries.  The Canon T7I costs OVER $50 which is UNREAL!!  Has anyone used generic batteries in their dslr?  I so what brand.
Can't make up my mind weither to upgrade or keep my T3I.  99% of the time it's in Auto.  Never shoot video.  Sl2 is $200 cheaper than a T7I which is another option.  69 before long my picture taking days on vacation may be over because of kn...
Would love to buy one but the $750-$800 price is way too much for me.  Maybe a "refurb" from Canon will appear again.  Keep checking from time to time but Canon is still out of stock for refurb's.  Don't like "used."  How about a "800D" from overseas...
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