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New camera dies Rebel t5i with old and new battery


Camera is 12 months old and the original battery appears as if not holding a charge. After charging, the camera will come on and die when pressing the shutter button to take a picture. I purchased a new battery, charged it and the same happens again. Seems that maybe the old battery may not be dead after all. Could this be the charger or is this a camera issue. If a camera issue where do I go to get this looked at. Bought camera at best buy. You think this caliper camera would last longer than a year???



Are there any third party components involved in charging or using your camera?  Did you, for example, add a 3rd party battery grip?  


I ask, because just occcasionally we'll get this sort of question where the camera fails to perform as expected but the person seeking help didn't mention the 3rd party component.  Once we find out about it and eliminate it from the test... suddenly the camera works fine again.


Canon factory batteries tend to last many years assuming you are using the original Canon charger (I do NOT like to use "fast" chargers as they stress the battery trying to charge it in a hurry and shorten it's life.)


When you insert a freshly charged battery and power it up... does the rear LCD screen come to life and, if so, do you see the battery charge level indicator showing that the battery is full?


This may be a problem with the camera itself and/or with one of it's cut-off switches.  There are two micr-switches will cause the camera to immediately power down if they are not engaged.  One is on the battery compartment door.  The other is on the memory card door.    If you power up the camera then VERY SLOWLY open these doors, you should find that you can open them about 1mm and then the camera will power off.  If you barely touch the door and the camera shuts down, then it may be that you have a bad switch.  Make sure the two doors are undamaged and able to close easily without any obstructions (if they aren't fully closed, it would make sense that your camera spontaneously shuts down.)


You may need to contact Canon service for help as there's no "setting" that would make the camera do this.  The T5i is a good camera, but it's just possible you have a problem with yours -- it happens and it's not an indicator of low quality.  I bought a new car that had a water pump failure within the first 5000 miles (that was a shock) even though everybody else with the same model car didn't have a problem with their water pump.  It happens.  Could they increase quality control to the point that it'd be very hard to get a car released with a bad water pump?  Well... they could improve build standards, testing standards, and inspection standards... that would REALLY drive up the price tag of that car... and just occasionally they'd still get a bad one anyway.  You can never get quality to 100% for any product.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

No third party and doors are closed. I will have to contact canon via website?


me three- VERY frustrating.

Hi Avifichman,


Thanks for posting.


If you're still encountering this issue, I recommend contacting our technical support team. For contact options, please use this URL:

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