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So the Canon 5D Mark IV does 6k downscale when you film in Full  RECORDINGRecording Resolution:4K 17:9 - 4K CropFullHD (6K Downs...
Canon should give us a firmware update to give us 10 or 12 bit for video on the 5D Mark IV.
What is this HEVC for the Canon 5D mark iv???? It shoots MJPEG!!!! The software doesn't even come up. What do you do with it? 
Which is better. I can't tell between my friends camera with his mark iv. I have Cinestyle so a little more Dynamic range...But his isn't so raw in video.
What is the (Video) Dynamic Range for Canon T6i????! Is it 12 stops? I'm talking about Video not photos. I know cinema cameras have 13-14 stops. What does the T6i have?!!?!?!?!