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Shutter count question


Does anyone in the forum know how I can determine the shutter count I have logged on my T3i? The camera is still going strong without any problems at all (except for a few dead pixels that appear as tiny red spots in some images). I am mostly just curious about this. Is there any indication how many shutter releases the average T3i can be expected to fire? My T3i is my first dslr and it has served that role fabulously.




The camera doesn't display shutter count.  There are utilities that will retrieve the info from the camera.  e.g. on my Mac I use a utility called (oddly enough) "ShutterCount".


The T3i's shutter life is estimated to be 100,000 actuations.  It is important to remember that this value is an estimate... not actual.  Your shutter may not last as long... or may last significantly longer.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I don't remember if the Rebel T3i records the image count in the EXIF or not and I no longer have one to try.  But you might look there first.  You need an unedited photo and a EXIF reader.


I, also, believe Tim Campbel's estimate of 100k to be a little high.  Rebels usually have a shutter life of around 50k.


I know these are estimates and I know of cameras that far exceed it.  I know a guy that has a 1Ds Mk III exactly like mine.

The Canon estimate for this workhourse is 300k but he went pass 1,000,000.   They claim that 33% of the 1Ds Mk III's will do that.  For sure the 1 series is not a Rebel so just be curious if you want to but just use your T3i and enjoy it.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

As Tim mentioned, there's Shuttercount.  But many other programs (that many camera owners already have) can give you the count as well.  If all you want is the count then Shuttercount is probably the easiest, but it's good to have options:


  • Magic Lantern: Third party add-on for your camera.  Free, but you install a firmware add-on onto your camera.  Best to know what you're doing before installing.  Again, if you just want the count there are better options.
  • DSLR Controller: An app for controlling your camera from a smart phone or tablet.  Fantastic app, but it costs $10.  I wouldn't spend it for just count, but the app itself is awesome if you want to control your camera remotely.
  • FoCal: A program for fine tuning your cameras autofocus.  Unfortunately doesn't work with your camera, but most people who have fine-tunable cameras already own this so I thought I'd mention it.
  • APT: An astrophotography tool.  There's a free trial for download that should tell you shutter count.  Can't say I've tried it.


I asked Canon Customer Service (sic!) the same question.  


They replied : "In response to your enquiry regarding the shutter count for your EOS 600D, please be advised that Canon treats this information as confidential and are therefore unable to provide this information"


How can information stored on my owned camera that Canon sold to me, without such a condition,

be "confidential"?


 I needed the information because I *was* about to upgrade to a full-frame Canon but because of that lack of Customer Service on a simple thing like shutter count- Nikon here I come!

Yes - this does amaze me and it's an area where Canon has earned some bashing.


I've got an odometer on my car to tell me how many miles I've driven.  I've got a printer that tells me how many pages it's printed.  My cellphone will tell me how many minutes I've used per month and even if the phone didn't, the carrier would.  Not every device gives me usage data...  my washing machine does not tell me how many loads of laundry have been washed, but neithher does any other washing machine, so I'm not feeling left out.


So it comes as quite a surprise that Canon cameras record this data, but then Canon seems to go out of their way to hide this information.  Meanwhile, Nikon embeds the count in the EXIF data.  I was never super keen on the idea of embedding it in the EXIF data, but it seems like there sould be a menu on the camera to display the info... or at least EOS Utility should report the info.  


With Canon, unfortunately only 3rd party utilities that 'hack' the data out of the camera are able to do it.  It seems irrational given that anyone wanting to buy a used camera always wants to know the shutter count.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

The difference is the camera is in your hand.  You can look and see what it is.  But Canon has no idea whose "hand" the camera is in, so they error on the side of caution.

If you call Nikon they won't tell you either.  Believe me Nikon has more things screwed up than how many shots their cameras make.  Switch if you want but this is a poor reason.  Smiley Sad

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Shutter counts are hardly State secrets- or does Canon think  they are  covered by the Patriots Act?  


 BTW I had to spply the serial number of the camera "that was in my hand".  There is caution and CAUTION! 


I suspect the real reason is that Canon see a way of making some money out of supplying the information.

"... Canon see a way of making some money out of supplying the information."


Canon has never charged me for telling me the shutter count when I have sent the camera in for cleaning or service.

As much as you seem to find fault with this procedure I see it as OK with me.  Little reason for switching brands, IMHO.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

But you had to send the camera for cleaning or service first before they would tell you the shutter count.
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