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5d IV Focal Plane Tilt?


My questions first: Is it possible that my 5d IV sensor got tilted inside the camera due to a moderate drop? And has ayone had this happen/have any estimate on what it may cost to fix through CPS? 


The issue: when shooting primes wide upen (i.e. 50mm @ f1.4), the focal plane clearly is closer on the right side of the frame than the left side of the frame. I.e. if I'm shooting a line of people, left side is back focused and right side is front focused, and I can see on the ground (grass is great for this) that the area in focus shifts back behind the people on the right side by at least a few feet at a ~10-15foot focus distance.


I've ruled out the lense because both of my primes do this, and they don't do the same thing on my 7d. 


This issue also results in the optical autoficus being front focused if I choose a right focus point, and back focused if I choose a left focal point.  Live view autofocus isn't affected (the subject that the focus point is on is tack sharp) but this still shows the focal plane issue on the other side of the frame.




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