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Best Wi-Fi SD option for Canon T3i?


I'd like to be able to do two things:


1) Use the Canon iPad apps with my t3i.

2) Quickly review recent snaps without having to use the USB cable and upload to the iPad.


I was thinking about going with one of the Toshiba cards that basically turns the camera into its own hotspot, but I'm not sure that option will work with the Canon apps.


I looked at EyeFi cards, but came across an article that seemed to indicate that EyeFi dropped support for their older cards and I've not been able to determine whether the newer ones are compatible with the t3i.


Could really use some expert advice if someone else has already done this.






I think you may get more, faster, and better answers in an Eye-Fi forum, assuming one exists.  Or, contact Eye-Fi directly.  Also, I have noticed that some Canon DSLR instruction manuals refer to Eye-Fi cards by name.  Check your manual.  If it makes no mention of Eye-Fi compatibility, then your camera may not have a card available.

FWIW, I am not aware of there being specific cards for specific cameras.  Either your camera supported the Eye-Fi interface, or did not.  All cameras seemed to use the same cards.


Also, do not expect the card to transform your camera into a networkable device.  Expect functionality more akin to Bluetooth than a LAN device.

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The camera definitely supports the Eye-Fi interface. Just not sure whether it supports the latest generation 😞

The suggestion to try an Eye-Fi forum was a good one. Thanks!



I believe EyeFi is now defunct. They sold to Ricoh, and rfecently Ricoh debuted Keenai, an online storage service.


If you have an EyeFi Mobi it looks like you can get things working.



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After doing some additional research (and thinking about the $100 price tag on the 32GB Mobi class 10), I decided to fork over the extra cash for a Case Air Wireless.

Thanks for the links!

P.S. Love Conway. I'm in Henniker.

I was looking for the same thing and just found this. Hope it helps!
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