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Canon R6m2 and Pixel 7 Pro - won't wifi connect

I'm at my wits end here. Got a Pixel 7 Pro a few weeks ago and it will not connect to my R6m2 to transfer photos except on the home wifi, which is useless as I'm heading off to Japan in a few days. Used to connect no bother to my Huawei Pro 30 when I...

sho17 by Contributor
  • 23 replies

EOS R5 How to improve autofocus for birds

I have a Canon R5 and took this photograph of a Great (Parus major) this morning in dull conditions. Camera focused roughly on the branch at the red square rather than the bird.Any autofocus settings I can use that would make it more likely the camer...

luciano by Contributor
  • 13 replies

EOS r6mii randomly showing error 80

My brand new EOS r6mii camera keeps randomly showing error 80 while I'm shooting. Powering the camera off and turning it back on, and also taking out the battery and re-installing it temporarily solves the problem, but it will randomly pop up again a...

Canon EOS Rebel T3i wont turn on

Hello, I bought this camera about a month ago in an untested eBay lot. I was excited because it looks like it was barely used. I bought batteries and charger put them in along with an SD card.. and it wont turn on. I've tried 3 different batteries di...

ivanboni by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! R5 Auto ISO bug in FV mode

Shooting with with newer R5 in FV mode with ISO set to Auto. ISO in Auto repeatedly “locks” the ISO to Max (in my case 12,800) and won’t change ISO at all to without cycling power. Is this a firmware bug or am I in need of warranty repair?

glider4 by Contributor
  • 9 replies

EOS M50 Pics Are Too Dark

First off let me say I am not a noob at this, I understand the settings and I have read the manual. It is also doing this with all lenses and the camera was just repair by Canon not long ago and has not been used much as I had foot surgery in Sept. f...


R5 not saving settings.

Hi guys,I have set my R5 to shoot Raw & Jpg and in the yellow menu I have set it to record separate Raw to the CF Express card and Jpg to the SD card, I have saved this to C1. If I go back to P and change the settings when I go back to C1 the red men...

Resolved! 6D Mark II Battery Drain

Just purchased 6D Mark II. Overnight the battery Drains.  I have a 6D and have usede the same batteries in it and do not have that issue.  I purchased new batteries anyhow to see if it was a battery issue in a new camera.  Still getting Battery drain...

EdV by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Grainy Image on Canon Rebel T3i

I bought this camera used, and I have seen test videos that show crisp, clear video on the T3i, but when I bought mine, there is a certain graininess about the quality of the video and photos that doesn't seem right. It almost looks like hundreds of ...

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