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Wi-fi setup 5D Mark 4


Hi There ;

Anyone having trouble  with setting up 5Dm4 Wifi with MAC  Monterey ?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi billboman99,

Thanks for checking in with us.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend that you update EOS Utility to version 3.15, which we updated to be compatible with Monterey.Then try doing the Wi-Fi setup again.

You can download the software from our website. Let's start by going to

On the new page that loads, click on DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS link on the top right. Enter your camera model in the prompt, select it from the options that load under the box, and then press ENTER on your keyboard.
Then you should see the link for it.

The file you'll download is actually a zipped file. When it finishes downloading, you'll want to double click the file. This will create another file with a drive icon in the same location. Double click that and you should see the installer screen. Follow the onscreen instructions, and the programs you need should then install.

Thanks very much for the info. Worked like a charm. The only thing is that I have time to knit a sweater in the time it takes to download pictures. Tether cable is 100 times faster


@HP Instant Ink Phone Number wrote:

Hi There ;

Anyone having trouble  with setting up 5Dm4 Wifi with MAC  Monterey ?


Press the Menu button.
Tap on the wrench and then sub menu 4.
Tap on Communication Settings.
Tap on Built-In Wireless Settings.
Select the function you'd like to perform with the connection.
Enter your network password, then push the Menu button.
Select Auto Setting > OK.