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EOS R5 Err 70

I just received a new EOS R5 and out of the box I was getting an err 70 lockup. I thought updating the firmware would resolve the problem but the err 70 continues. I have now received a message 20 or 25 times over the course of 100 frames. Is the a c...

MBP by Apprentice
  • 32 replies

EOS 5D Mark III/3 Blinking Green Light

I live on the coast about 40 miles south of Cape Canaveral.  When Falcon rockets head due south I can photograph them from my balcony except at night.  Tripod mounted, MF, focus set on horizon etc etc,  but when I  press shutter it will not take a pi...

gary6557 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

EOS 4000D Manual Needed

Looking for some help.  I am a beginner, just got my camera a few weeks ago and the book that came with it was not helpful in learning the camera.  I can not seem to find the manual on the website, i can only find the manual for the 40D.  How differe...

Jmarro by Apprentice
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EOS Rebel SL1 battery compartment issue

I’ve had a SL1 (100D) for years, taking decent care of it. Been using an external battery pack for a bit. One day my canon doesn’t turn on. Battery when put into camera do not stay in, possibly the spring? The little (mine is grey) tab thats holds ba...

Canon EOS1100D shadow in images

HiI have just purchased a secondhand Canon EOS 1100D, total novice with such a camera & am wondering if anyone can suggest what is going on with these images please.the camera is 10years old with 'hardly any use' does it need a clean etc...?thanks & ...

IMG_5292_resize.jpg IMG_5304.JPG IMG_5305.JPG IMG_5401_edit.jpeg

EOS 600D Mirror fell out

Hello! I have a Canon EOS 600D camera that somehow got damaged. The mirror broke and fell out. Is that replaceable? If so, what's the average cost and where can I send it to get fixed?  I don't want to have to buy a new camera over such a small probl...

EOS R7 Shot Count?

Just got our R7 back from Carepak service & was supplied with a "shot count".What EXACTLY does that number include?  Total exposures, mechanical shutter activations, or what? Does it have the same meaning for all EOS-R cameras?Thanks/JH

Canon EOS R5 randomly changing f stop

I've been shooting with my Canon R5 for two years now, and in the last six months, I will be out on a shoot, and the f stop will just randomly change.I shoot in Manual always, and I set up my camera to the settings I like, and then leave the camera o...

New to Photography - Camera Recommendations

I’m new to photography and don’t have a camera of my own yet, so I’m wondering what camera is good to start off with as a beginner. I’d appreciate any tips because I don’t know anything else about cameras/photography besides the Aperture, Shutter Spe...

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