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Canon EOS R7 Image Playback to LCD Screen

I recently switched from an EOS t8i to an R7.  I primarily shoot underwater in housing, so the "auto" switch between the viewfinder and the LCD screen doesn't work... the camera doesn't sense when I'm up close and using the viewfinder. That's totally...

divindk by Apprentice
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Canon 80D cannot connect to iphone.

I have had my canon 80D for a few years. The connection to my iPhone has always been glitchy. But lately, I cannot connect at all. I have the latest firmware installed on my camera. Every time I connect the Wi-Fi in my phone settings when I go to the...

EOS R50 EF lens compatibility with EF-RF mount

Just bought a cannon R50 and have about 4/5 EF/s lens. Is the adapter a good solution or does it cause issues with the lens? I’m using mostly cannon lens with it. Thank you.was told by the best but employee that the EF lens don’t work as well and it ...

terty by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon rebel t1i buttons go crazy

the left right buttons are going crazy because I touched when my hands are wet, not salt water fyi.Any suggestions, I'm absolutely triggered I need all the help I can get.#Canon 500D #Rebel T1i #Wet

Joshwue by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Corrupt files in Canon R6

This was the first time I have come across corrupted files from my R6. Surprisingly, the file is read by the camera and is displayed on the LCD too. But on the Laptop it shows up a a corrupt file in different programs (Lightroom, etc.). Why would thi...

Exposure On EOS R5 isn't right

Been taking some birds in flight shots with Canon R5. I’ve been using Fv mode and had some great shots, but when the bird is against the sky, the camera sometimes struggles to get exposure right.Sometimes the shot appears over-exposed (as in Shoveler...

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luciano by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Camera Trade-in

Hello! I would like to trade my DSLR camera with a new one. Will that work? If so, is there anyone i can contact through email to discuss further!Thank you. 

CANON RP touch screen doesn't work

Hey everyone!I bought a new CANON RP camera last year and haven't used it much - maybe a 1000 photos max. Last week I was shooting as usual, with touch screen in open position. Suddenly, it went black. At the same time, I was still able to take pictu...

OlgaK by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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