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Canon T3 won't focus

I have a Canon T3, and it will not focus correctly. When I press the shutter release, the lens focusses all the way out then all the way back in. It never stops on anything, doesn't seek a fouc point, just the one out and in movement. I have always h...

art-hur by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

Resolved! R5 Auto ISO - a bug or intended behavior?

I just discovered an interesting behavior with my new R5 related to AUTO ISO. For sake of discussion, assume I’m in Av mode (haven’t tested this behavior in other modes). Using the Quick Control Dial #2 (the thumb wheel surrounding the Mode button), ...

Resolved! EOS R5 Firmware 1.7.0

I wanted to update Firmware to 1.7.0 by downloading onto my MacBook Pro to find out it does not install on my Ventura OS. Does anyone know when 1.7.0 will be available for Ventura OS? What are my other options?

Visakha by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! R5 forgets AEB

R5 forgets the AEB-Sequence I set up when it's turned off.I want to have a 7-shot bracketing sequence on C1.I think I do everything right.Av-Mode.Number of shots in C.Fn1.Set up the sequence in SHOOT-2.Register settings in SETUP-5. Auto-Update is set...

EOS 77D External mic does not work

Hey, guys.  I've watched videos... I've done everything.  I still cannot get an external mic to work through my EOS 77D.  I know the mic works.  I record music and stuff with it all the time.  I've fiddles settings... any thoughts?  Thanks!

Resolved! EOS Rebel T6 Download Issue

Hello!So I don't know if its my chip, or my phone but I have a photo on a 128GB memory card that i'm trying to transfer to my phone. However, the photo won't complete the transfer, I tried with other photos on another card and have even downloaded ph...

Cannot update 7D MKII firmware

After a bad spate of this camera writing illegible, corrupted image files (both CR2 and JPG), I am trying to update the firmware to see if that solves this issue.I have meticulously followed the firmware update instructions for the 7D MKII including ...

tityra by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Resolved! Canon 4000D Lens Options?

Hello to all!I just got my first DSLR camera as a gift for Christmas this year.. very exciting. I was gifted a Canon EOS 4000D with the 18-55mm lens that comes included. Off the bat, I am not a fan of the lens. I am aware of the crop factor and that ...

kriff7 by Apprentice
  • 13 replies
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