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EOS R5 & R6 - Menu setting: Expo. Simulation: Disable/During/Enable not working.



Canon R5 and R6 (with multiple flashes & remote triggers):


Portrait of person in dark suit, indoors, 60 feet behind subject wall is lit by window light, one light soft box on subject.

My problem:  

I can not compose a photo while flash or strobes are engaged. While shooting a portrait (indoors) with flash or studio strobes (Profoto) via remote trigger on hot shoe, the exposure simulation does not seem to work. Menu setting: Expo. Simulation: I’ve used all three settings Disable/During/Enable and the same issue/results happen. If I view the subject (dark jacket) through camera LCD or EVF the monitor goes bright because monitor is trying to make a good visual exposure to view the dark subject which in turn blows out the background or if you angle the camera away from subject toward something bright the monitor goes dark to compensate for the brightness. 

When I take the photo the final image in camera is perfectly lit and exposed correctly - the issue is trying to view and compose the photo before I even take it.... The EVF/LCD is blown out/way over exposed so much so that I can’t compose the photo correctly (ie. Background, architectural lines coming out of persons head).  

If I turn OFF the flash -or- turn OFF the remote trigger then the viewable image on the LCD or EVF shows the correct exposure, the background is not blown out and I can see the architecture and compose the photo. 

If I turn the flash back ON or the trigger for remote, the EVF/LCD shows the background blown out (way over exposed, so much that I can not see what’s there)…. Impossible to compose a photo, it’s like being blind, this is unexceptable.  

Ive called CPS they said they don’t know why this happens (the tech even had the same camera & flash set up and saw the same issue I have)….  He had no answer or help for me.

I don’t know why the monitor shifts when the lens is pointed towards dark or light areas - it should not shift at all if I am shooting fully manual. Just because I turn on a flash the monitor shifts under and over exposed if you focus on bright or dark areas this does not seem correct. I personally can’t believe this has not been addressed or solved by now….   For $6,000.00 USD (R5$4k & R6$2k) I can’t believe this is even an issue…. My other mirrorless system LCD/EVF does not change at all when connected to strobes or flash, the LCD/EVF stays exactly where the manual exposure is set, even when I shift my view from dark to light areas.  

I look forward to any response or answers to the issue.  

Thank you all for your time. 



Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings ABNpix,

I can understand your frustration caused when composing your shot when shooting with flashes and strobes. I understand you have tried the different functions available under Exposure Simulation. When it comes to shooting with flashes, we do recommend on disabling Exposure Simulation.

You state you have already called our phone support team but in case you would like to continue troubleshooting then you may call them since phone support may have access to the equipment to troubleshoot it side by side with you. They can be reached at 1-800-652-2666, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

In the meantime, I have submitted your feedback to our engineers. Please note that decisions to update the function of the camera are made by our engineers and product designers in Japan, based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are all taken into consideration.