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Resolved! Canon 77D Bluetooth Connection problem

I used my old phone to connect my camera.But now i have new one i lost my old one.But now it won't connect to my phone.I reset all the settings.When i pairing camera don't showing any notification about pairing request..

Sabbir by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Line on Right side of frame Canon 1D4

So I got a new lens very recently; EF 24-70mm 2.8L Mark I. I shoot for the newspaper - so photojournalism and HS events & sports. See the right side of the frame and the line on it? I kind of flipped out thinking oh I got a lens with a problem or my ...

Resolved! all white photo with 430 EX flash

Hello:I just bought a used Speedlite 430 EX to go with my 60D. I took some test shots just to learn how to use the flash. Everything was fine, but now, if I take a picture using the flash, I get a blank white photo. I turned everything on and off sev...

vmark59 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

No Card2 in Camera

I have a Canon 7D Mark II.  I had used a CF card one time in my 7D. I"ve removed the card and now everytime I turn my 7D on I get the message no card2 in camera... I've checked all the setting but I can't find a way to turn off the no card2 in camera...

Resolved! Canon 4000d eos not turning off.

HiHope someone can help me...I have a the 4000 d eos, over the past few days it has started to freeze and when I turn it off the LCD screen stays on. I have to take out the battery for it to turn off.TIA

Resolved! Liveview image sharper than photo (80D & 7D)

Hello, i have an Canon 80D, and i am experiencing some kind of problem, it is related to the sharpness resulting on photos compared to the sharpness in liveview image...(i already read some old posts here about this issue, and i still think that i ha...

LVBC90 by Contributor
  • 18 replies

Canon 1D MKiii

The camera blanks out at shutter speeds above 1/200sec below that its fine a bit of editing needed dont get any error codes and shutter has a count of 9191

ABBOTALE by Contributor
  • 5 replies

AEB speed on the M5 and M50

If you set up AEB and then hold down the shutter button, about how long does it take to shoot all three exposures ? Is one faster (between the M5  and the M50 ?) What other setting effects how fast the AEB is ? Thanks,


In the last year, I have had 4 photos appear as totally white with no details. The photos before and after are fine. Any ideas what might be causing this? Have a month before the warranty runs out.

tomj63 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Saving raw photos

I have a eos m100 and only shoot in raw. I transfer all of my photos to my iPhone with the canon camera connect app and it appears to only save in jpg format at a resolution of 2400x1600 and 3.8 mp. I have been saving this way for months not realizin...

Canon 5d Mark IV and Lightroom

I'm having a very hard time getting my raw settings in lightroom to match the color profile of my camera.  Is it a plugin that can help with this? I already know I could just use Canon's software to convert, but it's an extremely slow process. If the...

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