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EOS 7D Mark II required manuals

I recently purchased an EOS 7D Mark II from Fort Worth Camera Company in Fort Worth, TX but they did not supply any of the following materials, which I need for proper operation of this camera and use of its abilities:  Basic ManualGPS CautionsQuick ...

EOS Rebel T8i Metering needle not working

I asked this question in the EF and RF lens forum.I thought my problem was specific to a new 18-135mm lens that I recently acquired, but I put on a 55-250 lens and I have the same problem.I have a Canon T8i.The metering needle on my camera seems to h...

stevet1 by Whiz
  • 9 replies

EOS R5 Photo mode using External monitor

Is this feature available on the R5 yet??  In photo mode I plug in a monitor on the HDMI port and it shuts down the ability to use the viewfinder and screen??  please make this a feature if you have not already done so...  if I can now do this please...

Canon R, HDMI, Photo Mode

Canon R, Photo Mode, HDMI out active So, silly me, I kind of need to take photos while doing an HDMI out to a monitor.Sort of a tether but just to a monitor, no image transfer whatsoever. Problem is both the EVF and the backscreen are disabled when H...

MrSP by Contributor
  • 8 replies

7d vs more modern equivalent - iso/noise

I have a 7d mk1 which I often use in low light with that cheap 50mm 1.8 and a 24mm 1.4. It does well, but beyond a certain point i'm of course way up there with noise, mostly processing in black and white to make that noise more acceptable. I am also...

bachi by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

R5 4k, 60fps laggy

hi, ive been shooting 1080p 60fps on my canon r5 for a little while with no trouble and I wanted to upgrade to 4k. I switched it and now all my video is laggy/choppy. Ive tried troubleshooting with a few option like  Turning off IBS but nothing has h...

willhare by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Corrupted Image Files on EOSR

Yesterday I photographed the headshots and group photo for a local builder. I had the camera set to RAW on both cards, Dual Pixel RAW on, and Human Eye Detection (which works great!). Two things I noticed...photos ranged in sized from 63 - 99 megabyt...

Resolved! Out of focus when zoom out on Canon R5

I got this problem to my new purchase Canon R5 + EF adapter + EF 24-70mm lens. When take a picture at 24mm it went to infinity and can't focus. I need to move to 35mm range to get focus and take the picture. Anyone has an answer or same problem. It i...

cwucanon by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Resolved! EOS Rebel SL3 Dark Circles on Photos

 Happy Friday! I purchased an SL3 in 2019, but I haven't used it a lot, since I have mostly been home for the last couple of years. I have an issue with random shadow-looking dark rings appearing in my photos. My lenses are compatible with the camera...

355FB06C-6B3D-4729-8747-D7F6CAA26C5B.jpeg DEFCAE76-A28D-4619-8646-4CF20E49B06C.jpeg
Susan588 by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Resolved! 5D Mark iii occasional terrible color

Intermittent problem, usually happens at Turn On, Terrible color, also visible in live view. Very occasional but always correctable by turning on and off, usually several times. I can not make this happen all the time but I have noted that it is more...

RalphK by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS 5D Mark III Producing Corrupted Images

I have a Canon 5D Mark iii camera which keeps producing corrupted images as attached. There is no pattern to these images being produced, I am using the same lens and settings and might take 200 images with 3 corrupt and 30 with 10 corrupt. I have at...

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