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Histogram/Level in Viewfinder EOS R

Is there a way to only have the Histogram display in the viewfinder. I have figured out how to turned off the level on the Display and only have the Histogram but I can't seem to duplicate the same in the Viewfinder. I toggle the info button, but can...

Kim709 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

t5i display questions

Normally when I turn my T5I on the display shows the cameras settings. And after a photo had been taken, it shows a preview of the shot taken. My Camera has stopped doing this. It still shows that its cleaning the sensor when I turn the camera on and...

Mirrorless vs the rest

As sombody thats been out of the camera scene for a while.As to my prevoius post i was considering the eos 90d choise now discovering mirrorless..Whats the concences on versions like the m6 mkii?

Older Sigma lens for Canon EOS RP problems

Hello folks. I just upgraded my camera from a T3i to a EOS RP and have a 2 year old sigma lens which is a Sigma DC 18-250 macro hsm. I purchased the r Mount which I was told I would be able to use my old lens with my new camera. I connected it and fi...

ksleini by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Eos camera purchase question

Hi noob here.I`d like to purchase a good digital camera and was looking at the eos90dI`d really like a camera of this spec but have no need for bluetooth or vid capibility as im not interisted in shooting clips just great pix with a high pixel count....

Canon 5d iii for $700 or Eos Rp

Hi,Should i go with canon 5d Mark III, lightly used for $700 or add a bit more and get canon RP.I am only taking photos of my kids and basically normal daily stuffs. Nothing fancy. I have couple prime L lenses. I have been wishing on canon 5diii sinc...

EOS Webcam will not recognize hdmi input

Trying to record video to computer. T3i, windows 10, trying to go from the mini hdmi on the camera to the hdmi on the laptop. EOS webcam utility works with usb connection from the camera, but the quality sucks. A different device works through HDMI t...

mobydick by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

T8i strange glow on pics

I'm having a strange green/purple glow on my pictures sometimes with my brand new T8i. I happens on one of them, but not the other one, so I'm thinking something may be wrong with the one that keeps doing it. It seems to only do it on wide angle phot...

msnivens by Contributor
  • 13 replies
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