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How to Correct Dark Images - Rebel T7


I need help on perfecting setting on an EOS Rebel T7 




What kind of setting did you need help with?

Steve Thomas

My pictures come out really dark and I read somewhere that my settings needed to be changed 

Is this happening with the camera in full auto. 


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Usually, this means that your shutter speed is too fast. Try lowering that and see if it helps.

Another reason might be that your aperture is too narrow - like if you were using f/22 pr f/16. If you are, try lowering that to f/8, or something in the middle.

For a while, put your camera in P mode and take a few pictures. Your camera will decide what shutter speed to use and what aperture to use for the particular shooting situation you are in. Leave it in Auto ISO for the time being.

Take note of those or write them down and see what the camera does in bright, sunny settings, or dim, low-light situations.

Do you know how to read the light meter graph and the bottom of your viewfinder? Generally, you want to adjust your little needle so that it rests over the 0 in the middle. That indicates a good exposure.

Steve Thomas


You'll need to post some examples along with what settings were used.  There is an infinite amount of scenes out there.  Thus, there is no one setting to use for everything.  Even when the camera is in full automatic mode, the camera will do its best to adjust settings to what it thinks are good for the scene at that moment in time.


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