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T8i - REFUSES to stay on for more than 29 minutes (Yes auto turn off disabled!)


Yes, I disabled the auto power off in the settings, before you ask. First and foremost, I have done a TON of googling around this issue and can find help for this issue nowhere. This forum is my last hope so-to-speak. ANY suggestions are welcome!  Also, I have multiple batteries for this camera and a plug-in battery. NO matter what I use, it turns off at the 29 minute mark. 20230210_121906.jpg

I do a lot of recording in 4k for my youtube channel. I also have a Camcard 4k from Elgato hooked up that let's me use it as a webcam with clean HDMI out, but whether, I am recording with out the camcard or not, it will ALWAYS shut off after 29ish minutes!
I ended up looking into alternative firmware but they don't support the t8i currently, I am at a point were I am going to need to go out and buy a whole new camera because of this. I love Cannon, but I cannot justify buying another one when this one is not working right to begin with.

Also, it shuts off no matter what, I can be:
recording on the SD
Recording on the computer or camcard
not recording, but the camera is on

No matter the use case, it turns off after 29 minutes. This is also true if the camera is plugged into the HDMI port or not. Their are no doubt people far more qualified than me, I am hoping that someone out their knows of a workaround (the lamplight or w/e firmware is a no-go, because it does not support t8i yet).


OK - there's some confusion - If you're recording with the camera by itself, it has a 30-minute limit. It's not "licensed" as a "camcorder." (sounds silly, but it is what it is 🤷)

If you're live streaming using a capture device - that limit doesn't exist. To get the best quality, follow the PDF and disable the on-screen display for clean HDMI and turn off the power-saving options. 

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I checked out the User Manual, but didn't see anything specific to time limits with the HDMI output.  29 minutes though is curiously the maximum internal recording limit (29 mins, 59 secs).

I believe some Canon cameras have a specific HDMI setting that you'd need to enable in order to allow greater than 30 minutes of video to external recorders.  Though again, didn't find that in the T8i manual.  So perhaps the T8i is limited in the manner?


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First off, thank you so much for your speedy reply! Right, so here is a youtube link to ALL the settings. I saw nothing in there (besides that auto turn-off feature, which is disabled) that relates to this issue. Please let me know if I missed it. I still can't get over how fast you responded, seriously, thank you for that. Gives me a bit of hope knowing these forums are so responsive! Below is the link to see all the settings on the t8i.



Your T8i is not capable of true “Clean HDMI” output. None of the Rebel bodies can.  Any [YouTube] claims to the contrary are unreliable work [arounds]. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Okay, so right off the bat, that's not the question here.

That said there is a "secret" (I guess) mode that only exists in "P" mode. Here, lets look at the number of options available in our menu in the red section, when NOT in "P" mode... Note that their are "3" pages right? 


 Okay, so now in video mode still we switch to "P" mode. 

Now see how many options we have...


So 5 pages instead of 3! And: 


NOW that said, your probably right about the clean HDMI thing even though the option exists. BUT, I wanted to point out that menu (crazy right? I had no clue! LOL). Anyway I use a 4k Elgato cam card, so I have clean HDMI anyway. 
I don't care about that. I care about not being able to do a live stream for more than 29 minutes, or not being able to record a 1 hour video with out having to make sure that I don't miss it if it shuts off. 
I have over 50 videos on my youtube channel WITH this camera, WITH no HDMI text, I have done live streams, interviews, and speeches internationally (remote) with it - so yes, you CAN get it to work w/no HDMI text. Again, the issue is not that. 
The issue is that it automatically turns off when recording video, and changing the settings has no effect. 

Thank you Waddizzle, for taking to time to reply. 



The “hidden” menu that you discovered was not really hidden, per se.  That is how the Canon menu system works.  Menu options that are not useful in a given operating mode are either greyed out or not shown, at all.

All DSLRs released at the time of the T8i have had a 30 minute recording time limit built into their video mode.  The reason for it legal, so do not blame Canon.

Cameras with “Clean HDMI” output do not suffer from the 30 minute recording time limit because the camera is not exactly set to a mode where it can record video and be required to conform to the 30 minute limitation.

Your does not do what you wish for it to do, and no firmware update can “fix” it.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

“ Anyway I use a 4k Elgato cam card, so I have clean HDMI anyway.

If that is true, then your issue has been resolved.  You are not able to control the camera settings, but you do have an HDMI out that is cleared of all operating icons.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Again, the issue is not clean HDMI. The title of the thread indicates the issue, as does the paragraphs describing the issue and the pictures. The issue is the camera shutting off after 30 minutes. If it's  a legal issue as you say, I would like to know what law prohibits a camera to be on for 30+ minutes. I'm a paralegal, I have never hear of this. Furthermore, there ARE cannon cameras that can record for more than 30 minutes, so how is it that the "30 minute recording time limit built into their video mode.  The reason for it legal, so do not blame Canon."? 
If a car company made a car that only worked for 30 minutes, but sold other models that lasted until the battery died, would this also make sense? 
Can you answer my question in this thread? I presume not, as you told me I could not get clean HDMI out, yet I am able to do that (which was not even the original question, not sure how you got confused on that one). If not then I fail to see the relevance of you even commenting here. 
My question is pretty simple. I just want to know if my camera can stay on for more than 30 min at a time LOL. 

The older law dealt with how equipment was labeled.  It was deemed that equipment capable of recording 30 minutes or more needed to be labeled as a "video camera" and that led to the equipment being susceptible to higher tariffs.  To avoid that issue, manufacturers at the time chose to restrict the recording time so as not to have certain equipment (namely photo cameras) labeled as video cameras.

I honestly don't know why the T8i is shutting off at 30 minutes, but I'll go with my original post.  Some more recent cameras have specifc options to ensure that HDMI recording will continue beyond 30 minutes.  The T8i lacks such a setting.

For unlimited video recording, your best option is either go with a camcorder, cinema camera, or more modern DSLRs/mirrorless cameras that no longer have the 30 minute restriction.  And, if going with DSLRs/mirrorless cameras, to also avoid those not capable of clean HDMI out if that is a must-have.


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What happens when you use live view instead of recording mode? Do you get video on the HDMI out and does it shut off at 30 minutes?